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What is

🔨 Lyla is a collection of tools that makes working with ChatGPT (and other AI models) faster and far more powerful.

💻 Lyla makes complex & multi-prompt engineering accessible to everyone, not just AI engineers.

😁 Before Lyla, this could only be done by writing complicated scripts.

⭐ We spent 2 years developing our own visual programming tool that gives this power to the everyone.

💵 Lyla's AI shortcuts are open source and FREE to use

Mission statement: To help our users extract the most value possible from generative AI models like ChatGPT.

This will become more and more important as AI becomes commonplace and the generation of truly unique content becomes more difficult to achieve.


💵 Free AI shortcuts: Created by our AI engineers & the community and free to use. Our shortcuts are made up of one or multiple AI prompts for optimal text generation.

🗝️ "Bring You Own Key" (BYOK): Use your own OpenAI API key (this is how we keep Lyla free!).

👀 Create Your Own Shortcuts: We let you harness the full power of ChatGPT by giving you the tools to create your own single and multi-prompt shortcuts.

🗃️ Community Shortcut Library: A library of community-built AI shortcuts, including multi-prompt shortcuts that you are free to copy & modify.

📚 Create Your Personal Prompt Library: Add your own or community-built AI shortcuts to your personal library and never worry about writing prompts again.

✒️ AI Text Editor: An AI enhanced text editor that works together with our AI shortcuts.

💻 Multiple AI Models: Switch between different AI models (ChatGPT 4, ChatGPT 3.5, Davinci etc).

Lyla's AI Algorithms: We user our own NLP & AI algorithms to augment the power of generative AI models like ChatGPT.

We Repeat: Lyla Shortcuts Are Free!

👍 Our AI writing shortcuts are free to create and available to the public to use freely.

All you need is an OpenAI API key which takes 2 mins to get.

Shortcuts can be duplicated and modified by anyone. This fosters a collaborative environment in which amazing AI prompts can be built.


🚀 LiveLaunch the Website, Blog & DcoumentationMar 2023
🔎 In BetaActive AI Shortcuts (Created by Engineers)Apr 2023
🔎 In BetaLaunch AI Enhanced Text EditorJuly 2023
🔨 In DevelopmentCommunity Created Shortcuts (Single Prompt)Sept 2023
🔨 In DevelopmentCommunity Created Shortcuts (Multi Prompt)Oct 2023
⌛ PendingAdd Support For Additional AI ModelsDec 2023
⌛ PendingAdd Further to Lyla's AI Algorithms For Enhanced ResultsJan 2024
⌛ PendingTrain your own AI models2024