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AI Shortcuts Explained

What is an AI Shortcut?

An AI shortcut is a saved prompt or group of prompts that can be run quickly and repeatedly without having to worry about copy and pasting prompts into chatGPT or writing your own custom scripts.

Lyla makes advanced prompt engineering and script writing accessible to EVERYONE. Not just developers or AI engineers.

Our AI shortcuts consist of:
1. One or more input fields to gather user requirements (tone of voice, article topic, etc)
2. One or multiple pre-designed prompts which the user's requirements are plugged into
3. An script that is generated by our software based on the shortcut
3. An API that sends the prompts to the AI model and receives the desired output

AI shortcuts can be used for any purpose whether it's to write a press release, answer an email or rewrite new variations of Facebook ads.


Our AI shortcuts can contain one or more prompts and the outputs of these prompts can be re-used or combined.

There is no limit to the amount of prompts you can chain together which allows our users to create incredibly powerful shortcuts like:

-> Write an entire book with a single button press
-> Rewrite an entire book with a single button press
-> Write website copy for an entire website or several websites
-> Generate 1000s of keyword ideas for your SEO campaign

👉 In the next section, we'll cover the basics of prompt engineering.