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Multi-Prompt Shortcuts

What are multi-prompt AI shortcuts?

Multi-prompt shortcuts consist of a chain of prompts whose outputs can either be combined or reused within the prompts themselves.

👍 This type of prompt engineering is typically reserved only for AI developers, but we've made it simple enough for anyone to harness this powerful tool.

A multi-prompt shortcut consists of:

  1. 2 or more prompts
  2. Any number of user input fields (ex. topic, tone of voice, special instructions, length of content, etc)

Our software generates a script based on the above inputs which are then sent via API to a 3rd party AI model like OpenAI's ChatGPT.

Basic layout of a multi-prompt shortcut (Prompt output re-used)


While this looks complex, the beauty of Lyla is that this entire process is automated and completed on the backend. The actual creation and use of the shortcut is much easier for the end user.

In this example, we feed the output of several prompts into more prompts.

Basic layout of a multi-prompt shortcut (Prompts combined)

In this example, we have a shortcut with multiple prompts that run independently of one another and then their outputs are combined together.