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Get Your API Key

How To Get Your Own OpenAI API Key in 2 Minutes

OpenAI allows anyone to sign up and get an API key. You do not have to be a developer, a business or an AI specialist.

1. Sign up for an account here at

Signup screen on
Useful Tip

At sign up, OpenAI gives you a free $5 worth of credits towards API usage. This will likely last you a few months.

2. After sign up, login to your openai account and go the View API keys screen

How to create an api key on

3. Press the "+ Create new secret key" button

How to create an api key on

4. You will be given the option to name the key, then press the green "Create secret key" button

How to create an api key on

5. A new pop up will appear displaying your API key

How to create an api key on

6. Copy and save this key in a safe place. This is a one time deal, you will not be able to view the key again.

Go to your Usage Limits screen and add a "Soft limit" of $5 and a "Hard limit" of $10. This ensures you will never spend more than $10 without your permission. And unless you are writing millions of words a day, $10 is plenty.

How to set usage limits on
Important Tip

Don't worry if you lose the API key. You can always delete it and create a new key at any time.