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AI Algorithms

Lyla's uses her own AI & NLP algorithms

We are continually developing our own algorithms that augment the power of generative AI models like ChatGPT.

We plan on adding new and more powerful algorithms and tools as Lyla evolves.

These algorithms can be added to shortcuts or used directly within the text editor.

The include:

📝 Rewordify

Rewrite 100% unique content

No matter what content you are rewriting, this NLP algorithm will ensure that it is 100% unique every time.

This is the holy grail for SEO writers. Feed in any article or content and Lyla can rewrite it so that it is 100% unique EVERYTIME

  • Always passes copyscape comparison tests
  • Undetectable by Google
  • Indistinguishable from human writing

🔎 Watermark Wiper

Remove watermarks from AI generated text

OpenAI adds their own "watermark" to all AI generated text.

We've developed an AI algorithm to remove this watermark. Your content will always be a minimum of "90% human written."

💡 AI Shortcuts

Automatic script generation based on your AI shortcut requirements

This is the beating heart of Lyla. Featuring complex logic that handles single prompt shortcuts, multi-prompt shortcuts, loops, output recycling, output merging & many more functions.

🙊 And more...

Lyla has several proprietary algorithms running behind the scenes.